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CarlTune – Chromatic Tuner APK is a free app listed in Music & Audio Apps. It is very easy to install CarlTune – Chromat

This is a chromatic tuner that captures the sound coming into the microphone, analyzes it, and displays the pitch. It shows the frequency and octave of the analyzed pitch, and the difference (cent value) from the standard pitch at the same time, allowing you to know the current pitch more specifically and quickly. In addition, graphical interfaces such as analog clocks provide more intuitive and multi-dimensional information.
▶Main features:
● Colors : You can select almost any color.
● Notation : Supports US, Europe, Korea, Thailand, Japan, and India.
● Rotation : Supports landscape mode and portrait mode screen.
● Hit range : You can fine-tune by adjusting ±Cent value from the standard pitch.
● Tunings: Provides various instruments and custom tuning interfaces.
6 String Guitar (Standard, Standard D, Drop D, Double Drop D, EAEGBE, Open D, Open E, Open Dmaj7, Open Emaj7, Open D7, Open E7, Open D6, Open E6, Open D minor, Open E minor, Open G, Open A, Open Gmaj7, Open C, Open A minor, Dad Gad, Papa Papa), 4-string bass guitar, 6-string bass guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, double bass, mandolin, mandola, Guitarelle
In addition, the default chromatic interface can be used for almost all instruments such as flute, kalimba, daegeum, gayageum, and vocal practice.
● Pitch pipe : Produces a mathematically accurately calculated frequency tone. Also, the piano keyboard interface and standard frequency values ​​can help you understand sounds and music.
● Visibility : You can adjust the graphic interface aspect ratio to fit the aspect ratio of the device screen.
● Transposition, concert pitch : You can change the most well-known tuning standard A4=440Hz. It also provides a transposition function for transposing instruments such as the clarinet, trumpet and saxophone.
● All features are free, including ads.
● You can remove ads by making in-app payment (paid purchase).

Download APK(v4.6.9)

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