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Flip Diving v3.5.60 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Description:Do you wish to dive into the cool waters of the sea on a long journey or just enjoy a cool breeze at a certa


Do you wish to dive into the cool waters of the sea on a long journey or just enjoy a cool breeze at a certain altitude? Do you also have an extreme sports addiction in your body, but no playing conditions yet? Well, let me tell you that you have absolutely two basic criteria for playing Flip Diving.

In the game, you only perform one task: jump and somersaults, and then land safely in the water. Nothing is more stimulating than a perfect incarnation as a professional acrobat with artistic acrobatics. Are you ready for a round of the game?


In the game, players join numerous characters in their ultimate diving challenges, taking their passion to the extreme. Jump off an incredible cliff while performing awesome stunts nobody dares to try. With determination and a bit of luck you can become a world champion in diving.

Flip Diving takes you through a series of different diving challenges with escalating difficulty. It’s your job to create the most amazing dives while getting the best results and setting your own records at each level. Join the online community as you compete with the best divers for the high score leaderboard.

Flip Diving is a game where you have to jump into the water from a high point and twist and turn while falling into a lake. So be very careful because if you land on your back or stomach down the jump doesn’t count, you don’t get any points, and you have to repeat the whole jump. The controls in the game are straightforward. First you have to tap on the screen for your character to prepare strength, morale and jumps.

This is a simulation game, so all the designs look like real life, giving players a more realistic feeling to play and immerse in the game, with great physics system and perfect graphics that other games don’t have. Flip Diving options are clear and easy to follow; The father of the game is simple and easy to understand, together with the vivid colors that the maker combines to create an exciting game.


* Dive Tricks – This game wouldn’t be called Flip Diving if the tricks weren’t as engaging as they can be. Because of this, this game has tons of driving tricks for you to try. There are layouts, pikes, and reverses that you can try to perfect. In addition, each trick is dynamically animated using ragdoll physics to make it as realistic as possible. In this game you can try a whole lot of tricks if you can pull them off.

* Simple Controls – In this game, the controls are as simple as possible. You just have to tap the screen accordingly. First, you need to press and hold anywhere on the screen. Then you can release it to start your jump. Then you have to press and hold to stow. Then just let go to straighten. It’s that easy to perform tricks in flip diving. You just have to control when you let go so you can make a perfect dive every time. But if you want to change the dive trick and character, just tap the options at the bottom of the screen.

* Places – In the real world, just jumping anywhere can be scary. But in flip diving, the scarier the jump point, the more entertaining it is. That’s why you can jump from trees, cliffs, boats, trampolines and more in this game! There are over 50 jump platforms to jump from. So there is no shortage of entertainment that you can get in this game. Whenever you feel like a daredevil, just jump where you want to jump and perform mind-blowing stunts.

* Characters – Another fun aspect of Flip Diving is the characters! There are tons of characters to choose from in this game, including a bodybuilder, a businessman, a girl diver, a basketball diver and many more! Each diver is unique and has their own stats: difficulty, jump and rotation. But of course, you can only unlock them if you have enough coins, which you can get from successfully completing dives. But seeing so many options just leaves you wanting more! Try to collect them all so you can try jumping with each of them.

* Record – There is no shortage of fun and laughter in this game. You can record your best dives or failures and share it with your friends! That’s what makes this game so satisfying.

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