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Descriptions :After football, tennis is an extremely popular sport worldwide. This is a discipline with a very large fan

Descriptions :

After football, tennis is an extremely popular sport worldwide. This is a discipline with a very large fan base that is in no way inferior to football. A tennis game is not as complicated as a soccer game, but still gives players the feeling of fun and excitement. Not too ostentatious, but this is still considered the “queen” by many. Due to the popularity of these sports, many tennis-themed games were born. But since this is a very popular topic, there are now too many titles on this topic. Players can no longer find a suitable game to entertain themselves. If you are a fan of this game, Tennis Clash is a game that you should not ignore. The game will satisfy fans of this sport, even if it is spirited. The game was produced by Wildlife Studios, this is probably a different manufacturer because players who play the games they produce will give you a great experience. The game will bring you great tennis experience. You won’t regret taking the time to download and experience this game.


The game rules are similar to the actual tennis game rules to give players the most realistic experience possible. The gameplay of the game is not too difficult for gamers to find it dangerous. Players just need to hit the ball of opponent’s yard and how opponent can’t fight then you will earn points. It sounds simple, but the game requires close observation from players to judge the direction of the ball. If you can’t guess the ball’s direction, the player can’t hit back and you lose points. First, the player is guided through the game by the NPC coach so that you can familiarize yourself with the game. Players can move freely in the yard to be able to hit the ball, but only free in the yard. If the opponent hits the ball, the player must judge the fall of the ball in order to return the ball. In order to be able to hit the ball, the player swipes his finger across the screen. Then there is an indication of the character’s power, if the player hits too easily, the ball can’t hit the ball through the net. But if the player hits too hard, the ball will fly too far and pass the baseline and the player will lose points. Players must control the character’s power to be able to hit a perfect shot and score. When the player is standing at the baseline, please use a chip shot technique with sufficient power. If the ball goes just over the turn to land as close to the net as possible, the opponent doesn’t have enough time to run to the ball. In a match, the player who previously scored 5 points wins. But if both sides win 4 points, the player who leads the opponent by 2 points wins, otherwise the game will last forever. Players must be careful when it comes to judging and controlling the power, then you will win every game.

Features :

* Intuitive controls that are easy to learn but hard to master.
* Higher and higher stakes arenas around the world: New York, Rome, Paris and many more!
* Collect and upgrade all 10 exclusive characters and 54 special items to increase your skills.
* Play and interact with your friends in fun real* time matches.
* Join a club to meet thousands of other players, speed up your progress and host private competitions.
* Participate in special tournaments to test your skills against the best!

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