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Descriptions :Basketball Stars ( Fast Level Up) : Take part in the worldwide basketball tournament game Basketball Stars

Descriptions :

Basketball Stars ( Fast Level Up) : Take part in the worldwide basketball tournament game Basketball Stars. To run and play in this game you need an Internet connection, dexterity and luck, because in front of you are real competitors who spend hours honing their free throw skills on different basketball courts.

Beautiful characters, impressive and attractive 3D modeling

No new theme, no new gameplay compared to basketball games currently available on different platforms. But Basketball Stars has their own way of standing out from the crowd. Experts judge the game as deep, detailed graphics and meticulous 3D graphics. Seen most clearly by the clean lines on each player’s face, the six pack muscles and action are very smooth and look quite like real people.

And in particular, the development of Basketball Stars is now highlighted by Miniclip as “only for smartphones”, since the competition on this platform is still quite small. There aren’t too many sports games, especially specializing in basketball. This is considered a smart move and has helped basketball stars quickly establish a solid position.

Choose your team’s outfit

The first task that everyone is very interested in is choosing a team and equipping them with some basic items. Dressing up to be worthy of being a basketball player in the future is something to think about, but if it’s not easy to be flashy or boring, it will lose interest. You can see that various items including costumes, accessories, and professional basketball “tools” in this section are blurred or starred, which means you need to earn points to buy gold to trade.

Regarding gold, I should write a few lines of note. The Basketball Stars game uses two main types of funds: cash and bullion. Gold is used to gain experience points and level up players. And the money is used to buy rare items like the ones I just mentioned. The more money you have, the more skills you will have and be available in more tournaments and competitions. And when it comes to the right level, a chance to confront or challenge the world’s best players (names and looks are based on real characters). Winning it will be an extremely glorious title and a mountain of cash to keep fighting in other tournaments.

How to play?

Basketball Stars is even more prominent in gameplay than games of the same field. The game has two ways of playing options according to each person’s preference: one is attack defense, the other is shooting race. Attack-defense is the standard way to play basketball. The player keeps running around the field, winning the ball, throwing the ball and getting the ball, and then winning again and so on, until one of the teams reaches the maximum score first before the round ends.

In Shooter Race mode, the way to play and move is the same as above, except each match has a specific time. When the time is up, the team with more points wins.

I’m not a fan of sports games, but when I try to play, I have to admit that Basketball Stars is quite attractive. The strongest impression, as just mentioned, definitely comes from the graphics and creative gameplay that only this game has, unlike the basketball games I’ve known before.

Features :

Simple gameplay but takes time to master

First of all, Basketball Stars is relatively easy to play thanks to the intuitive controls. Other than that, the game consists of only a few control options, allowing you to move your characters, perform tricks, and more. However, the game takes time to master and you probably won’t get it out of your head after a while. But once you have done this, you can have a lot of fun playing the game with experienced online players.

Customize your basketball players as you like

Let your basketball players be fully customizable with Basketball Stars. Choose your preferred genders, choose the appropriate physics for your players. Choose between different hairstyles and give them amazing facial hair. Outfit them in all sorts of awesome clothes and gear. Choose from over 400 customization items and create thousands of amazing looks for your basketball players. Furthermore, the game offers over 40 different types of basketballs for you to choose from.

Realistic and exciting head-to-head basketball games

Take part in exciting basketball games where you can test your skills against the best players from around the world. Use the simple techniques like dribbling, fencing, shooting, stealing, blocking and more to gain advantages over your opponents. And when the time comes, you can unleash powerful shots across the net.

Unleash your potential and empower your players

And to make your players more powerful, you can also take advantage of many available upgrade options. Apart from that, you can choose from hundreds of unique items to outfit your characters with. They will greatly improve your characters’ stats and make them more powerful during games.

Slowly but steadily climb the ladder of glory

Make progress in the game by pitting your characters against the exciting underdog courts. Win against your opponents and earn your place on the leaderboards. And at the same time you collect experiences with which you can level up your characters. With higher level and fame, you can unlock more exclusive places and compete with online players. Take part in higher ranking games and compete with the best players from all over the world. Earn valuable loot as you develop your powers and styles.

Explore exciting game modes

Players in Basketball Stars are unlikely to get bored thanks to the numerous game modifications that it offers. Spend your time exploring different basketball gameplays and win your matches in different styles.

Plenty of daily rewards and loot

Basketball Stars is one of the few games that rewards players generously. Apart from that, you can get a lot of rewards just by being relatively active. Collect daily rewards, complete missions, collect valuable loot and more. There are many different ways to make money at Basketball Stars.

Play for free

For those wondering, yes, Basketball Stars is a free game. And it’s very easy for you to install the game on your Android devices. Still, some of you might find the in-app purchase that is common in these games quite annoying as it slows down your progress quite a bit.
Unlock unlimited gameplay with our mods

However, if you want to have a totally free basketball experience, our Basketball Star Mod APK is always ready. Download the file on your devices and follow our instructions to properly install it on your Android devices.

Then you can enjoy the unlimited gameplay without paying any fee. Make all kinds of in-app purchases you want and explore full gameplay.

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